The Mean Hills Of Yarra Boulevard

On the 8th of September, dedicated duathletes descended upon Yarra Boulevard for the 3rd race in the Melbourne Triathlon Club Duathlon series. It was a beautiful day for the race; hardly a breeze, and a lovely temperature to top it all off. The course however was far less appealing, with the many hills providing a mental and physical challenge that I wouldn't dream of putting myself through on a Sunday morning. The athletes worked hard and persevered through the course, much to the disdain of many a calf muscle. This was evidenced by the long lines at the Physiohealth tent, and I think that many hardened athletes left the course humbled and ready to increase their calf stretching routine! Overall, it was a great experience and a massive thanks should be given to the race day organisers Lyndall, Katrina, Aaron and Ailie for putting together such a fun and well run event. It was great to see such a range in age and ability all coming together to enjoy the sport and socialise with other exercise enthusiasts!   1239130_546526722062806_1189682176_o
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