Sub-Acromial Impingement in the Crossfit Athlete

What is it?

  • Sub-acromial impingement (SAI) is likely the most common shoulder complaint that presents from Crossfit.
    • It occurs when the soft tissue structures of the shoulder gets pinched by the AC Joint
    • Can be caused by the complex and dynamic nature of many of the exercises involved in WODs.
      • Kipping, Power Cleans, SDHP etc.
  • Sub-acromial impingement can occur due to many reasons:
    • Most common (and preventable) in the sporting shoulder are biomechanics, activities (Like exercise), and strength factors
    • Genetics may also contribute
Let’s look at the biomechanical and activity related factors one by one so you can:
  • Assess if they are an issue for you
  • Improve upon them before they become a source of pain.
Poor resting posture: Many people who work in desk jobs or do a significant amount of resistance training may develop an internally rotated resting posture. Poor resting posture can: 1.Narrow the sub-acromial space where your rotator cuff tendon travels through 2.Can also cause issues with your biceps tendon and sub-acromial bursa Decreased thoracic mobility: 1.Spinal mobility is crucial in maintaining lifting positions, especially overhead lifts and squats. 2.Normally, a thoracic spine can extend between 25-45° and flex between 20-45°

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