SKCC Newsletter 16 August 2013


It was just under three weeks ago that a battalion of SKCC riders stormed their way to Buninyong to taste victory in the Victorian Club Teams Time Trial. Six Women’s Teams and three Men’s Teams did battle in icy cold, windy and wet conditions and came away with gold, silver and bronze bullion. The medal tally in summary was: Elite Men:   Silver Elite Women: Gold & Bronze Masters Men: Gold Masters Women: Silver Race report – Elite Men - Silver Contributed by Shane Miller Nick Bensley StayTrue: 7th in the Elite Nationals this year. TT stomper. David Kelly Total Rush: Sun Tour Prologue podium'er. Leg ham smuggler. Andy Naylor O2 Racing: Ex pro. Has a mention in David Millar's autobiography! Shane Miller Kosdown: Loves a TT.... or twenty in a season. Typical Ballarat weather in the middle of winter. Windy as hell, as cold as ice. Our team preparation was everything short of what Team Sky would do. This involved a few emails and an agreement we'd all meet there on the day. Dave even stepped it up a notch and threw himself off his bike and into an ambulance at the Kew TT a week prior. Every stone was left unturned in our prep! 🙂 Our race plan was put into action as soon as the clock started... "roll turns!" And that we did. The first few kms were FAST. The first 25km was 53km/h fast! Unfortunately we'd dagged Kelly around the 12km mark who'd succumbed to his injuries from the previous week. This put Naylor in the box seat with Bensley and I.... or maybe just the box. We had to finish with three riders so without Kelly, Naylor was our man! The poor bugger suffered like nothing else for the following 38km while we did our best at punching a hole into a 40km/h head wind. We knew the Blackburn CC team were on a stomping ride at the turn. They made the 2 minute gap on us about 200m from the line. Without Kelly (aka Hamsy McBrickwall) helping us into the head wind we thought our chances of being on the podium were gone. Not so! We ended up taking out 2nd place 13 seconds ahead of a solid CCCC/VIS Elite team! tt1 Regardless of how many kms we each did on the front, that 13 second gap was the work of all four SKCC starters. Busted Dave rolled in 16 mins down, in the rain, after a long solo 38km, he was every part of the result we were rewarded with at the end, and the fight Naylor put up to make sure he was with us in the end was nothing short of epic. Huge thanks to the crew at SKCC for their work behind the scenes on the day. Team rego, club jersey, lolly snakes..... next year we'll ride faster to be back in time for the banana bread! Elite Men 50km Blackburn CC:          1h08:53.2 St Kilda  CC:            1h11:05.0…… +2:11.8 Carnegie Caulfield: 1h11:18.1…… +2:24.9 Elite Women – Gold & Bronze The coveted Elite Women’s Gold medal has gone to CCCC for many a year. But this year we put together our “Super Team”. Bridie O’Donnell Total Rush: Former National ITT Champion Sam de Riter Holden Women’s Racing: Stage winner of the Tour of Mersey Valley (NRS) Penny Brown Total Rush: Stage winner of the Tour of the South West (VRS) The time speaks for itself…. 1. St Kilda CC                           1h22:52.0 2. Carnegie Caulfield CC            1h24:04.2……..1:12.2+ 3. St Kilda CC                           1h31:27.6……..8:35.6 Masters Men Open - Gold Again this event has been dominated by CCCC in the past but this year it was SKCC and the CharterMason Masters Team’s turn to shine. St Kilda CC                    1:12:56.7 Carnegie Caulfield CC     1:13:29.5…….32.8+ Carnegie Caulfield CC     1:14:27.4…….1:30.7+ Race Report - Masters Women – Silver Contributed by Jo Riley The weather forecast was not looking very promising for Sunday in Buninyong  with strong wind and rain on the menu, so there was with a certain feeling of ‘let’s get it done’ amongst the teams.  I arrived early to find Gaelene and Stu setting up the marquee, banana bread, snakes and muffins so I quickly bagged a sheltered spot at the back for my warm up with Dale.  Meanwhile Von toughed it out in the open, but that’s just the folly of youth! With the rain still holding off we were soon ready to ride, although the wind had whipped itself up into a veritable fury by this time. After a few words with the MC about how we couldn’t wait for the return headwind (I think he thought I was serious) we were off and hurtling down the road with a 60kph tailwind/crosswind.  It was a fairly hilly old road so it wasn’t all a piece of cake (for me anyway!) but the team were working well and looking out for each other as the plan was to stay together.  The turnaround came up quickly and despite Von telling us how close it was, we came in too quickly and our practised synchronised turn was pretty scrappy with me locking up my back wheel and skidding and then unable to change gear into the ferocious headwind.  We quickly got ourselves back into order though and began picking off other teams from the Women’s Masters category.  I think we passed three teams on the return trip and a few lone riders who had been dropped including one from the team to beat (Hawthorn) so it was game on! The final hill came into view not a moment too soon and Von and Dale sprinted for the line with me 7 seconds behind them.  It was enough to secure 2nd place in Women’s Masters behind Hawthorn (Megan Marsh, Liz Hall & Raelene Lesniowska) and ahead of Carnegie Caulfield (Karin Coles, Sonia Throsswell & Anna Collins).  And we beat the torrential rain that others had to contend with  And a huge thanks to Gaelene and Stu for all their support and organisation. Masters Women 50km Hawthorn CC                     1:32:28 St Kilda CC                       1:34:09…..+1:40.8 Carnegie Caulfield CC        1:35:16…..+2:48.5 Finally, to name our SKCC warriors, many thanks to: Bridie O’Donnell, Sam de Riter, Penny Brown Grace Phang, Georgina Beech, Elizabeth Doueal Hannah Vine, Tanya Matthewson, Carla Filippa Purdie Long, Kimberley Wepasnick, Eliza Bergin Dale Maizels, Von Micich, Jo Riley Harriet Smith, Kate Fitzpatrick, Amanda Dixon Nick Bensley, Dave Kelly, Shane Miller, Andy Naylor Stuart Cameron, Rohan Andrew, Leigh Parsons, Carmine Soriano Luigi Vecchio, Gabriel Carey, Matthew Hol, Ritchard Longmire YOU ROCK ! Compiled by: Gaelene Snelling


alby1 Melbourne hosted the inaugural Cyclo-Cross (CX) National Championships at Cranwell Park last weekend. SKCC were well represented across all age-groups in both male and female categories with some outstanding performances. Allan Iacuone added another Green and Gold jersey to his collection, winning the Senior Men title with a fantastic final ten minutes of racing from the 1994 Australian road champion. Jenny Macpherson added to her SKCC Woman's Club Champion title, taking out the Masters Women National Title. A fantastic effort by Maartje Munsterman who finished second in the same category. The following is an excerpt from Jenny's write up on the day. You can view the whole post here. "The course definitely lived up to its difficult expectations, and appeared to restrict the MTB’ers with less opportunities to take advantage in any technical, dirt, rocky or log sections. With the course favouring my abilities and the sun shining brightly, my confidence levels grew and before I knew it, my Giant TCX and I were out in front leading the way in the masters 30+ category... The next 40 mins consisted of zig-zagging up and down the side of the hill in front of a growing crowd and trying to keep my heart rate from going through the roof every time I approached a particularly muddy section, barrier or set of stairs. I continued with this form for the entire race, and soaked up the cheers and support during the last lap as I crossed the line to win my first national title in cycling (only took 15 years!)." There were a host of other great results by SKCC members. See all the results here.


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Another week goes by and still we are seeing many new SKCC Track riders joining the ranks and file of track riders at the Northcote Velodrome. This week we saw another surge of new SKCC riders join the track squad (pictured above). There were a couple of other SKCC riders but they didn't have their kit on so they missed out on the photo session. This week’s highlight on the track would have to be Stage 5 of a 6 event series being the “No5 Track Winter Series” held at Disc last Saturday night. Out of the fifty riders entered to race on the evening, fourteen were SKCC members. Fantastic effort and well supported by SKCC. The racing format for last Saturday night consisted of an opening heart-starter of 10 laps being a progressive points race, followed by two derby races for each rider and then the final scratch race of 25-laps. Racing started at 4.30 pm and finished at 9.00 pm. Most of the time riders were racing or recovering. The evening was full on, without any real breaks for the riders to get their breath back or any sort of recovery. Looking Forward SKCC track training sessions are being held on the following evenings. (6-8pm at DISC). First timers to the track are welcome. All SKCC riders at these training sessions are encouraged to wear the club kits. Note – we ask all riders who come to track training and racing, please ride in your SKCC kits/ colours. Riding and training in your kit gives coverage to our great sponsors. If you train and race in your kit your will most likely feature in these newsletters. A little over one week to go before the next SKCC track training session. If you’re coming down please arrive early as everyone will be on the track warming up on the track at 6.00pm Scheduled dates are for training nights are: - 17th August 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly 21st September 2013 under the direction of Shane Kelly 12th October 2013 19th October 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly 9th November 2013, under the direction of Shane Kelly 30th November 2013 21st December 2013 Further details please refer to the SKCC web site.
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