PhysioHealth Presentations

Student Information Session

August 2015 Download the presentation here

 Nunawading Youth Screening

Download the presentation here

Core Practical for Swimmers

Download the presentation here

Flexibility in Swimmers

Download the presentation here

Swimming Victoria Talent ID Screening Summary

Download the presentation here

Hip Injuries

Click here to view our presentation on Hip injuries

Work Injuries

Are you workfit? Download Workfit Presentation here

Are you wearing the correct footwear?

Presentation on correct footwear.

Download PDF

Gymnastics Injuries

David Micallef presented an injury talk to the Niddrie Gymnastics Club last Friday night, talking about common gym injuries, how to manage growth plate injuries and discussing how the simple ankle sprain can cause so many problems for rehabilitation in a gymnast. Download PDF

Warm Up. Cool Down. Recovery

Sports Advisory Session (November 19) Download PDF

Managing Player Load / Conditioning

Sports Advisory Session (November 26) Download PDF

Screening / Prehab

Sports Advisory Session (Dec 3) Download PDF

Sport Specific Rehab Programmes / Skill Levels

Download PDF

The Footballers 7 Deadly Sins

David Micallef presented “The Footballers 7 Deadly Sins” to The St Bernards Colts Program. Download PDF

Irish Dancing Injuries

David Micallef presenting to AIDI (Australian Irish Dance Association) a lecture on Irish Dancing Injuries and ideas to try to reduce injury rate. Irish Dancers suffer a high rate of lower leg injuries especially stress fractures in their feet and shin splints. Download PDF