Calf & Shins

BV recoveryBV Sport Pro Recup Elite – Recovery Socks

PRORECUP® ELITE RECOVERY SOCK is a Support-compression sock which combines the intelligent textile technicity and scientific validations from BV SPORT patent. This recovery sock is manufactured with a specific knit and pressures of support which have been monitored on top athletes in 1998.
Whether you are a professional, amateur or recreational athlete, the recovery period immediately after physical exertion is an essential part of your “athlete health” and well-being, as well as maintaining your performance levels and prevention of injury.This vital period should not be neglected. The compression of the calf (akin to a vascular and muscular sponge) allows for the rapid elimination of poorly oxygenated and intoxicated venous blood (with lactic acid, free radicals, co2…). Wearing the sock speeds up the feeding of oxygenated blood to your muscular , tendinous and ligamentary fibres, allowing you to recover as soon as possible, and thus continue training and competing under the best possible conditions. The ELITE recovery socks should be worn immediately after any physical exertion (training, matches and competition) for a minimum period of two hours.

BV comfortBV Comfort Sock

he Comfort Range refreshes and relaxes the legs and is adapted to professionals activites centred on walking and sitting or standing for long periods of time.
The Comfort range is intended to complement the PRORECUP ELITE and RECUP as range of products. Thanks to the use of new textils, the socks are extremely comfortable and can be worn on a daily basis to prevent the accumulation of toxins throughout the day. The Comfort Range refreshes and relaxes the legs and is adapted to professionals activites centred on walking and sitting or standing for long periods of time. These socks are recommended for all transport by plane, train, bus or car to prevent swelling and heaviness of the legs.

BV BoosterBV Sport Booster Socks

The BOOSTER should be used exclusively during physical exertion. Background The Booster was created in 2003 in collaboration with the French National 4x100m relay athletics team and the BV Sport Research & Development Centre.  The product is the result of exertion-specific manufacturing technology. Technology The Booster encourages the vertical movement of the leg muscles and soleus by reducing oscillatory movement, the source of fatigue and muscular injuries.  The Booster reduces muscular vibration and improves the contraction and toning of muscles. The progressive compression/setting impact of the Booster (patented by BV Sport) improves veneous return and promotes the oxygenation of muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical exertion, thus optimising athletic performance. Use Regular wear delays the sensation of heavy legs and considerably reduces cramping.  The Booster still allows a normal sock to be worn. Used in conjunction with our range of recovery socks (Elite, AR, Comfort) you can be sure of carrying out your activities under the best physiological conditions.

Plantar SockStrassburg Sock

This easy to use, inexpensive device is designed to keep tension on the tissue (plantar fascia) so it heals in a stretched position at night. In this way many users find a reduction of their morning pain, some have noticed a reduced recovery time and yet others have reduced the need for medications. When worn as prescribed, it does not allow the plantar fascia to contract while in the prone or supine position. The device holds the ankle and forefoot joints in a position of slight dorsiflexion that prevents a position of plantarflexion, that is the plantar fascia is not allowed to contract.