Physiohealth Supports SKCC

281801e5-5485-46fa-a0ff-f933fc928633 At the first SKCC crit of the season, our Juniors partnered with PhysioHealth to feed riders and spectators, and raise funds for Juniors contesting the National Junior Track Series. Thanks to a hungry crowd and the generous support of PhysioHealth, $200 was raised. Thank-you for your support! This Sunday PhysioHealth are providing a table and therapist for SKCC members participating in Around the Bay. While they will have a corporate tent opposite the SKCC tent with a number of therapists, PhysioHealth wanted to ensure SKCC members had their own dedicated therapist to treat any post ride soreness or injuries. c9301873-baca-4b18-82f9-0255437b9a31 PhysioHealth offers a range of additional services including clinical pilates, remedial massage, myotherapy, dietitics and high performance management. With a focus on injury prevention, PhysioHealth now has dedicated Bike Fit practitioners, fitting the bike to the rider to improve rider comfort and performance.
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