Physiohealth Spring SWiM team 2013

On Friday 29th of November Physiohealth competed in the Swimming Victoria Spring Swim series at MSAC with Polly and Cara joining Physiohealth patients Rob, Kerryn and Brooke under the guidance of team captains Justin and big Dave. We were also lucky enough to have Olympic swimmer Belinda 'Bindy' Hocking trading in the green and gold for the blue and maroon of the Physiohealth team. Although late to the party after missing the first two series events Physiohealth made waves with our inaugural competition appearance. The night involved different relay events whereby teams competed for the ultimate glory of winning. many highlights of the night included: 1. Justin's block stare off with Cate Campbell the fastest women in the world (unfortunately he was unable to intimidate her) 2. Big dave warming up his SIJ'S (Sciatic) with release work while behind the blocks 3. Justin's leap frog start into the water 4. Discussions about the increased likelihood of winning had bindy swam the entire relay solo 5.Justins 'thorpe' like anchor leg in the 4 x 50m medley relay ( Bindy, big Dave, Justin, Rob) where they smashed the rest of the race like guitars Although we didn't take out the final pointscore (much to justins dismay) we had a great night competing and socialising at the bbq that followed. As Justin spent most of the night recruiting international and national swimmers to the physiohealth team, next year will bring with it excitement, fun, multiple physiohealth teams, captain Justin v captain big Dave and maybe even a sneaky podium finish. Swimming Victoria should be commended on  such a fantastic event, where we could compete, socialise, network and meet lots of new people. We cannot wait for the 2014 series whereby we will ensure we 1. park in the correct carpark (Polly and Cara) 2. take warm clothes regardless of weather forecast 3. cover ourselves with physiohealth rock-tape 4. attended all 3 events From the entire Physiohealth team we would like to thank Victoria swimming for hosting such an amazing event and also our fearless leaders big Dave and Justin. We encourage anyone who would like to be invoked to join us next year and maybe we can create an entire heat of Physiohealth teams. DSC_0211 DSC_0285 DSC_0211  
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