On The Couch with Fit Mum – Injury Prevention Tips

No one likes the hassle of injury, here are some tips to reduce the likelihood of injury occurring. Here is Cory's 5 tips 1.Recovery - make sure that you cool down correctly with gentle exercises to reduce the heart rate and keep moving so you can hit the ground running next time 2.Regular massage - tight spots occur - massage will help manage these tight spots and reduce the chance of injury 3.Foam roller - Painful but good! A foam roller is a great way to self manage areas of tightness 4.Stretching routine - a good static stretching routine in between sessions is important. A weekly pilates or yoga session can also help stretch the body out 5.Rest - so important! People often neglect letting the body having a break and recover. Don't double up on hard sessions back to back and have one rest day per week Colette has added Nutrition - which is vital! Good nutrition will help you perform and recover as best as you can.
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