Northern Combine Race 16 & Race 5 of Women’s Points Series

Saturday 31/08/2013 saw Race 16 of the Northern Combine and Race 5 of the Women's points series take place on National Boulevard, Campbellfield. Physiotherapists Cory Prout and Michael Coppo were on hand at this event to offer their expertise in injury Management, Prevention and post cycling massages. The day began slow but soon our young admin trainee Richard was out and about mingling with the riders offering our services for the day. Before we knew it our Physiotherapists were both up to their elbows in quadriceps. It was a busy day, with queues of riders waiting for the expert advice and skills of Michael and Cory. A very successful day once again with no major injuries recorded and riders happy with the quality of services on offer. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next upcoming events.   1150190_543816532333825_1188025927_n
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