Never Say Never

Never Say Never by Amelia Tregear PhysiohealtharticleWhen I first met Kate at the beginning of 2011 she had spent the past 15months living in a Nursing Home. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1995 Kate’s function gradually declined. By age 40 she was confined to an electric wheelchair, living in an aged care facility and told that she would never walk again. I will never forget that first meeting with Kate. When I asked what her goals were she told me “I want to walk again.” To be honest, it broke my heart. I truly never thought that it was possible. I was of the disillusion that MS was a progressive disease and that nothing could be done to improve function, all you could do was aim to maintain what function was left and attempt to slow the gradual decline. Kate has proved that this is false. On 19th April 2012 Kate took her first steps. After months of preparation; stretches, trunk control, balance and weight shifting exercises, Kate’s dream was finally coming true. On that day Kate walked four steps. From the bed, to the wall, and back again. Today Kate reached yet another mile stone. She walked 120m. Less than 3 months ago Kate’s Neurologist set her the challenge of walking 120m, a feat that would see her improve her grading on the MS functional scale. Today, despite the wind, the rain and sloping concrete footpaths Kate exceeded everyone’s expectations. Kate is proof that with hard work and determination anything is possible. Congratulations Kate from all of us at Physiohealth!    
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