Katie Flatters – Taking on an Olympic distance triathlon.

Physiohealth Physiotherapist Katie Flatters has set herself a goal - to complete her first Olympic distance triathlon - here's how she is going! Keep up the good work Katie! 4 weeks ago I decided upon a challenge for myself to complete an Olympic distance triathlon. So I signed up with Physiotherapist with coach Jason Shields. He has got me training really well getting stronger and faster in both swim and run, but as a novice on the bike I have been a little nervous going out on the Melbourne roads so I headed up to the beautiful Shepparton countryside to have a training weekend. Jason got me to race the mini sprint race on Monday which was hard but showed how much the training pays off. I won after  getting off the bike 3rd with a good 250m distance between the front girl. All the painful running sets I have had to do were worth it as I held a 4.10 pace and took the lead with about a km to go. Taking my first win. I have a lot to work on still and will be tackling the Port Arlington Gatorade this weekend in preparation for my Olympic distance in 3 weeks. Thankyou to my coach Jason and his very lovely assistant and photographer Sarah for the super training weekend And to my partner in crime Lucy for motivating me. IMG_2554
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