Jamie Edwards Triathlete – Auckland 70.3 Race Report

I actually entered this years edition, rather than just talk about it like I did the previous two years. And lucky I did because I got to experience a magnificent course and the last running of the event as it is moving to Taupo next year. Despite wanting to do it for so long the thought of not did cross my mind after Sunshine Coast in September last year then again after the bike leg at Challenge Shepparton in November… Both left me very deflated. These weren’t the results themselves, but due to yet more occurrences of my annoying vastus medialis issue. Then, as most of those who spoke to me in the days and weeks leading into the event know, I had a less than ideal prep with a very busy period at 5-7weeks out from race day coupled with a bit of niggling tightness in my left Achilles that decided to hang around. Each issue in isolation probably would have caused less of a stir but the two together threw me a bit and left me in no doubt that I would be underdone for this race, especially on the run. It did allow for some experimentation though… Because 5-7 weeks out were different it meant all weeks thereafter were different (inc Xmas and NY period) and taper was a mere 4-7days (usually 2 weeks, give or take) after my biggest training session being 9 days out (thanks again Rob)… In any case I was fit, and felt strong even if not in peak condition. Goals for this race were therefore as follows: 1. Enjoy the race and the experience. 2. (further) test the Vastus medialis issue 3. Experiment with a new 32gi fueling strategy 4. Test fitness/racing ability after different prep 5. Execute a similar race plan as shep 70.3 2012 and race my race, my way 6. Have fun! IMG_1535 How it unfolded… I slept as well as I ever have the night before the race… Relaxed, no pressure approach must have worked! :) I also had lots of time in the morning which (for once) I made good use of with a proper warm up… Not sure it helped but i felt better for it. IMG_1536 SWIM… 30.23 Awesome swim course through Viaduct harbour at sunrise… Unique and fun course. IMG_1543 If nothing else I did a lot of swimming between October and now including a big 3-4 weeks late Nov/early Dec and I was hoping to see some evidence of this! I felt strong throughout, and relatively happy with my efforts. This includes my self assessment that I thought I was closer to the front swimmers in my wave start for much longer than I ever have been…  I look forward to more heavy swimming loads and hope to eventually transfer this into speed in the open water come race day. IMG_8095 T1… 1.51 Smooth, efficient and event free – Zoot wetsuit off without any issue, felt good, relaxed, lots of bikes still waiting to be mounted which was nice to see, Kask Bambino (coolest helmet in Triathlon) on my head, 32gi food bar into pocket, fave socks on, grab my bike and away… BIKE… 2.26.22 Due to a mix tram/train lines and some excess water we had to mount, dismount and then mount again which may have pissed me off in previous races but it was pretty funny this time for whatever reason… :) IMG_8094 Eventually I was off on what I found to be quite a technical and undulating first lap of the course. This included scaling the mighty Auckland harbour bridge twice. I was enjoying myself and relaxed (maybe too relaxed) and keen to get back into Auckland to check out the next two laps out the other side of Auckland… Which I’d heard were beautiful to ride! Aaaand… They definitely were. Flat, fast and beautifully scenic. Thanks Aimee and Steve for providing inside info on the race and venue. I felt a flat spot coming on as I started the first of the two out and back loops which I was able to counter with a quick dose of 32gi accelerate (all part of the plan) but other than that I felt good and if anything slightly stronger in the final 20km or so… I knew from my garmin that I had ridden a decent time too – so far so good – time to run! T2… 1:01 Much like T1 transition T2 was smooth and uneventful… The Gravity Zeros had done their job, once again, and were racked until next time. Off with the helmet, on with the visor, Sunnies and Zoots. Race belt and some more 32gi accelerate. How will my legs respond? RUN… 1.30.20 I set out at a comfortable pace aiming to be relaxed and controlled. I felt good but was wary of my medialis… As it turned out they were tight but never seized. Good news. Other than a quick stop to loosen the death adder grip my timing chip had on my ankle the first lap was going to plan. I was controlled and felt good… I tried to stay in the moment but couldn’t help but wonder when the fade out would come and how bad it would be..! IMG_8092 It was getting warm now and naturally, I was fatiguing so I used aid stations and land marks to break the run up and got to 16km still feeling strong and relaxed. Somewhat surprising I was still a chance to run a 1.25 split so decided to give it a push and see if I could do it… I was going ok but by 18km my lack of run fitness caught up with me and my legs were super tight – by 19km I was holding off cramps (in most muscle groups!).. Again, all I could do was smile and get to the finish. I thought 1.27 is alright. Which quickly became 1.28… 1.29… Shit! I might not even make 1.30!! :) in the end I was just over 1.30 but had to be happy all things considered. OVERALL 4.29.50 = 3rd 25-29 = 38th overall All in all I am happy with the day. I have not said that after a long course race for a little while! I achieved my goals for the race and had fun doing it. I am hoping to use this event as a launching pad into some fast, shorter course racing over the next few months. THANKS… IMG_8093 Support crew on the day (although the I didn’t see you once – sorry, I was looking :P ) – Sarah, Dad, Daniel (happy birthday bro) Darren Franken (coach) – I love working with you… Thanks for everything. ETPA – other coaches, support staff, extended network and athletes that make up my extended family – cheers for the support Physiohealth – particularly Mel and Polly. You know why! Evolution Cycles – for allowing me to get cool, go fast gear at a fraction of the price 32gi Australia – for a whole hearted approach to nutrition and a range of innovative products that I can manipulate to what works best for me Zoot Australia – for comfy shoes and wetsuits! Gravity Zero – for the best wheels… And being a top bloke :) IMG_1562 Next up… I am racing a famous ‘Stroke and Stride’ here in NZ on Tuesday for some fun then back to Vic to run a half marathon as part of team ETPA/Physiohealth at Challenge Melbourne, before heading to Warrnambool forSouthwest Sufferfest in March. Cheers for reading! Ps. Well done to fellow ETPAr AJ on a great race! Hear he is off to Austria! Pps. Great to see Timbo Reed on the top of the podium again… Top stuff from a top bloke! IMG_7991 Thanks for sharing the race report with us Jamie - this report orginally appeared on Jamie's website http://www.jamieedwardstriathlon.com/sightseeing-in-the-city-of-sails-auckland-70-3-race-report/
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