Andy’s Half Iron Man Challenge – Week 5

Andy chats with Mat Tippett from EPTA. Andy has finished his fourth week of training - 12 to go! First four weeks down - how has Andy gone? Andy completed the Noosa Tri in 33 degrees last weekend. This was Andy's first Olympic Distance Tri - half of the half iron man that he will be completing in February. Andy nailed his first Tri in just under three hours and was a big learning curve - he struggled with the run after the bike but lots of stretching, physio and massage helped Andy in the lead up to race day and he pulled up fairly well after. Andy's next program for week 5 and 6 is ramping up the hours 18 hours this week and 20 hours next. His biggest focus will be on the bike leg. Look how happy he is about his next two weeks training! Good luck for the next two weeks Andy. Make sure you check out Andy's updated training program for week 5 & 6. It will be up on the ETPA website tonight.
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