Amelia’s 10km in 10 weeks – Week 10!

Amelia chats with her coach Greg from Krunchies health and fitness. She's put in the hard yards and we have no doubt that she'll smash her goal time of 50 minutes this coming Sunday at The Age Run Melbourne. Raceplan 10km in under 50 minutes is the goal. 5 minute kms - doesn't always work like this on race day!  Amelia's goal is to be relaxed and break the race down into 10 x 1km efforts. It's really important to focus before the race and start visualising the beginning of the race. Raceday Key things to remember •Be prepared - make a list! •Don't try anything different on race day - stick to what you know! •Practice in the clothes that you are going to run in on the day Pre race warm up •Dynamic warm up - get the neuro patterns firing! •Be aware that you could be standing around in the cold for 10-15 mintues waiting for it to start - so warm up prior! •Run through - 60-70 metres, starting at 50% and building up in 5% increments Nutrition •Food & hydration is key •No need to carb load the night before for a 10km race •Keep food simple the night before - no meat and limit fibre •2 hour window before the race - get up around 5.30am and have a banana or light toast Post race nutrition •Personal taste •Sports drink is fine to replenish lost electrolytes •Depends on the weather Good luck Amelia!
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