About Us

PhysioHealth is a well established business where the principal physiotherapists, Justin McEvoy and David Morarty have been in practice together since 1992. Both have worked in physiotherapy for over 20 years and have gained vast experience and knowledge in this area of health care.

In 2002 Justin and David renamed the company PhysioHealth (Vic) Pty Ltd after realizing the advantages in being able to centrally brand all their physiotherapy services under one banner.
PhysioHealth now encompasses clinics in Essendon, Footscray, Williamstown, Mount Waverley and Kew. In 2008 the company welcomed new partners David Micallef, Sharbil Wehbe and Cory Prout who had all worked for some time under David and Justin’s leadership.

PhysioHealth consists of a dynamic team of experienced and professional physiotherapists and other health professionals who offer excellent services at extremely convenient times that suits the busy individual. Our team of physiotherapists are qualified to treat all types of people with pain, movement and dysfunction problems, ranging from athletes, injured workers, motor vehicle accident victims, arthritis sufferers, senior citizens, pregnant women and children. Our physiotherapists are highly trained to assess and diagnose varying conditions, then plan and administer appropriate treatment and programs to restore our clients function to the highest possible level. Our physiotherapists also work in partnership with doctors and other health care professionals to ensure the best possible treatment and care.
PhysioHealth is now a leading Physiotherapy and allied health service company providing services to Olympic Teams, elite sportspeople such as swimmers, soccer players, dancers and gymnasts, as well as leading sporting clubs and the general public.