2013 State Teams Short Course Championships

2013 State Teams Short Course Championships Physiohealth’s Scott Rolph recently returned from the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra where the 2013 State Teams Short Course Championships were held.  The event saw many of Australia’s future swimming stars competing in a fast, fun and high energy event which focused on a team approach with the winner decided on points. The team consisted of many coaches from all over Victoria and was lead by Leigh Nugent.  Also assisting the team as mentors were Andrew Lauterstein and Linley Frame who each added their individual experiences as previous Australian swimming representatives to the team to help in the development of the young swimmers. The competition took place over 4 sessions of back to back racing over 3 days.  The role as a physiotherapist was twofold. Firstly to help prime and prepare swimmers for racing by loosening tight bodies, assisting with warm ups and helping to remove lactic acid between races.  Secondly it was to help treat and help manage injuries as they arose. As swimmers began to back up race after race the physiobed started to be occupied more and more.  It was a great opportunity to meet new swimmers, treat familiar faces and be around such a great and high energy team atmosphere that can be lost in the sometimes individual world of swimming. The event consisted of a lot of very close racing.  The result had Queensland finishing first with a much reduced gap to New South Wales and Victoria respectively meaning next years event will prove to be another great event. physio healthphysiohealth      
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