Jeremy Cross at the 2017 New Zealand PGA and OPEN Tournaments

What an amazing start to 2017, being able to share in the success and lifestyle of Australian PGA tour professionals at the Victorian Open, New Zealand PGA and NZ Open. Just three weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to receive the call to travel and work directly with Peter Martin, a QLD PGA tour professional, I first met at the Australian PGA Tour Qualifying School. Now, I must admit that travelling to a country I’ve never been too is one of the perks, but working with an athlete with so much talent was such an exciting prospect   Peter and I had discussed the benefits of postural proprioceptive abilities (knowledge of the body in ‘space’) earlier, but the difficulty was how to support what coach, Richard Woodhouse, and Peter were working on. > As a Physiotherapist, my job is to develop a facilitative approach, with both player and coach, as an alliance. Let me make this clear, a Physiotherapist is not a golf coach. As a Physiotherapist, I have worked, developed and learnt about the golfing world to gain knowledge on the mechanics of a player, to teach them about injury prevention. Working hand in hand with the coach is key to provide a united front for the player; knowing they have a team around them working towards improving their skills and consistency. > Flying into Wellington and onto Palmerston North for the NZ PGA and then down to Queenstown for the NZ Open with Anthony Houston, a VIC PGA tour professional; what a great travelling experience. Not only were we using the geography to incorporate new exercises, but also New Zealand opened my mind to the incredible possibilities of training – highlighted by Queenstown on the south island, with mountainous valleys and cliffs. > Overall, my experience with such elite players has allowed me to return to PhysioHealth with a new outlook on strength, posture and stability based exercises I can develop further in our gyms! > Physiohealth Physiotherapist Jeremy Cross >
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