Exercise Videos: General - Foot and Ankle

Strength and Control
Mobility and Flexibility

Calf raises

Doulbe leg or single leg, have feet facing directly forwards, keep knee straight, and slowly lift heel off the ground coming onto toes ensuring you heel stays straight.
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Theraband eversion

This is a strengthening exercise for the pernoneal muscles or ankle stabilisers, required for ankle stability on uneven ground, jumping and landing or change of direction sports. Wrap theraband loop around both feet at forefoot level. Keeping one foot still, scoop little toe out to side, turning sole of foot to face outwards. Control back to the start point.
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Calf stretch

Mobility of the calf muscles is important for hip and knee function as well as good foot function. Keeping knee straight and foot facing straight forwards, place the ball of your foot on the edge of a step and drop the heel down slowly off the step. Feel the stretch in the muscle at the back of your calf.
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