Justin McEvoy

Justin is Co-Director of PhysioHealth (VIC) Pty Ltd and has been a physiotherapist for over 16 years. Justin has achieved a Masters Degree in his studies after completing a Post Graduate qualification in Sports Physiotherapy. He was also one of the very few who first qualified as a ‘Sports Physiotherapist’ in Australia. Justin’s main special interests are the treatment and rehabilitation of back, shoulder and neck injuries as well as the treatment of elite level swimmers and athletes, himself being a keen swimmer and runner.

David Morarty

David himself is a former elite competitive swimmer and water-polo player and has a special interest in all types of musculo-skeletal problems from weekend warriors to world champions. David practices in trigger point therapy and manipulation, dry needling and Neuro meningeal stretching. He was selected as a physiotherapist to work with the Australian Swim Team at the Commonwealth Games held in Melbourne in 2006, World Championships in Montreal in 2005 and the Beijing Olympics in 2008 where is was one of the physiotherapists for the Australian Swimmers.

Cory Prout

A preferred physiotherapist for the Australian swimming team, Cory has been selected to travel to the USA, Canada and Thailand with Olympic level swimmers. Cory completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at the end of 2008 after which he was awarded the title Master of Sports Physiotherapist. Cory practices in manipulation, dry needling, deep tissue therapy and exercise prescription.

Sharbil Wehbe

Sharbil has been a physiotherapist for over 15 years and, before moving to Victoria in 2001, worked as the head physiotherapist to the Sydney Olympic Soccer Team within the National Soccer League. Here he worked with athletes among the likes of Ian Rush, and Socceroos Brett Emerton and Nick Carle. He is the Head Physiotherapist for Football Federation Victoria and the Melbourne Victory W-league team. Sharbil has also worked with Melbourne Victory’s Youth Team and the Hyundai A League Referees for 3 seasons. Sharbil enjoys working with young athletes and watching them as they progress and develop, and he has spent time FC Barcelona where he was able to examine the best practice for footballers. He has a passion for applying the treatment philosophy for elite athletes to every patient to provide quick long term results.

David Micallef

David has worked closely with St Bernard’s Old Collegians Football Club for the last 10 seasons, as well as being part of the team of physios to look after VIS swimmers at local competitions. Locally David works closely with national and state level gymnasts, as well as having extensive experience with treating dancers.Apart from sports injuries David has a strong interest in looking after the everyday patient who suffers from a multitude of factors such as degeneration, general fitness and poor ergonomics.

Gary Singh

Gary practices in areas including low back pain rehabilitation, posture related neck and upper back pain, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, ankle pain, post-operative rehabilitation- spinal, knee, hip surgery, injury prevention and musculoskeletal screenings. He has a keen personal interest in cricket, AFL football (keen Carlton Football club supporter), soccer and swimming. Gary works out of our Mount Waverley and Kew practices.

Scott Rolph

Scott’s main reason for becoming a physiotherapist was because of his experience as a National level swimmer. He spent a lot of time injured as opposed to competing, so got to know the physio world first hand, from a patient’s perspective. From there Scott decided to pursue a physio career himself and now has a keen interest in treating swimmers. He also has a special interest in knee injuries. Scott enjoys treating everyone from the ‘average joe’ all the way up to elite athletes.

Don Perriman

Don has been a Physio for 40 years. Don's background is in in road trauma rehab – he still has an indirect involvement through the Australian Paralympic committee, where he has worked with Paralympic teams for over 20 years. Don enjoys working with a wide range of patients from families to Olympic athletes.

Peter Gavalas

Peter is a physio at PhysioHealth. Peter graduated at Latrobe University with a Masters in Physiotherapy. Peter's interest in Physiotherapy came from his experience as an athlete himself both at the Vic & Aus Institutes of Sport and was even a patient of PhysioHealth! He enjoys treating elite athletes and weekend warriors, he has spent hours and hours as the patient and has experienced a wide range of injuries himself and this motivates him as a Physio to help relieve his patients from pain.

Jeremy Cross

Jeremy is a Physio at PhysioHealth. Jeremy became a physio due to his golf background and love of helping people. He has a particular interest in spinal cord injuries. He's recently returned from Sweden where he completed his doctor of physio program research element.

Barry Richardson

Barry graduated as a Physio in 1967. He began his career working initially at the now defunct Prince Henry's Hospital, then Panch Hospital. Transitioning into private practice in 1970, Barry opened the first sports medicine clinic, Richmond Hill Clinic in 1977. Along the way Barry also had some successes in Aussie Rules Football, playing 1965 to 1974, 3 Premierships with Richmond, Coaching in 1977 and 1978 and Club President in 1985. He joined forces with PhysioHealth in 2014 and aims to continue working until he is dragged out the door.

Symon Lovett

Symon's interest in physiotherapy began as a teenager when the harsh truth that his size and general ability (or lack there of) would prevent him from having a successful AFL career. He therefore chose an academic alternative. Now playing lacrosse in the state's top division he remains interested in all fields sports and the injuries associated with them. Through his experience with sporting teams across multiple sports and past work within the fitness industry he is a firm believer in the utilisation of strength training principles in conjunction with physiotherapy techniques to maximise recovery and return to sport...even if that sport is everyday life.

Elyse Schweitzer

Elyse is a physiotherapist at our Essendon and Williamstown clinics. Having a background in dance Elyse has a special interest in dance and gymnastics related injuries.

Emma Hoy

Emma graduated from the Doctor of Physiotherapy at Melbourne University in 2016 and completed an Exercise Science degree at Bond University in 2012. Emma has a passion for a wide variety of sports but has a particular interest in swimming, rowing and netball, having been heavily involved in these sports throughout her years. Due to being highly injury prone herself, Emma has been exposed to a plethora of rehabilitation techniques and has found particular success with the integration of hands on techniques and exercise prescription strategies to optimise rehabilitation. Emma enjoys helping people achieve their goals and loves physiotherapy due to the rewarding nature of the career.

Matthew Camenzuli

Matt graduated from Latrobe University with a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2016.  He’s been involved in various sports throughout his life and has competed in tennis tournaments around Australia. In his rich sporting past, he has also played soccer and netball, which helped increase his love for musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.  Matt’s previous experience as a Personal Trainer, Soldier in the Australian Army Reserves and a qualified Tennis Coach have also played a vital part in shaping him into the passionate health professional that he is today. He is a strong believer in exercise and strength training in conjunction with proactive physiotherapy and optimal recovery routines.   Through his many life experiences, he has gained the vital skills to help the young and the old achieve their goals and dreams, and enjoy a great quality of life.

Dora Pandeloglou

Dora completed her Exercise and Sport Science degree in 2012 and went on to complete her Doctor of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Melbourne in 2016. She has a special interest in Pilates, Women’s Health, and swimming and running injuries. She believes a holistic and preventative approach, that combines manual and exercise therapy, is critical for optimal physiotherapy management.

Alicia Frey

Alicia graduated from Melbourne University with a Doctor of Physiotherapy. She has a strong background in exercise science and a keen passion for musculoskeletal and sports related injuries. Alicia has spent countless weekends on the sideline of football fields and enjoys the challenge of returning athletes to their peak condition in whatever their chosen sport may be. Alicia also believes in functional rehabilitation through the use of Pilates and strength based principles.

Lauren Belza

Lauren graduated from LaTrobe University with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Physiotherapy practice, following on from her previous degree of Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin University. As a self-confessed sports addict Lauren enjoys spending her spare time being active with a particular interest in Basketball, AFL, Surfing, Skiing and Cycling – to name a few! Lauren’s clinical experience has involved working alongside a number of VAFA football clubs as well as rehabilitating orthopaedic patients at Cabrini Hospital. She has a particular interest in sporting and soft tissue injuries but is passionate about helping people get back to what they love doing.

Elise Elsworth

Elise graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Physiotherapy. She grew up running and participated in hockey, cycling, swimming and tennis in her youth, now enjoying the gym. She has been working with Football Federation Victoria's state girls' youth teams and accompanied the women's Victorian Bass Strait team to Hobart last year. Elise is passionate about sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, particularly in youth and female populations. She loves working with athletes as well as the everyday client to facilitate return to optimal health via a combination of manual therapy and functional exercise.